Corporate, Tax and Capital Markets

With the evolving corporate and commercial practice, Newmark has managed to stay abreast with the trends to be able to serve its clientele.  The team has managed to advice on very complex commercial and tax case after carrying out due diligence.

The team has also advised on the merger of insurers, companies, acquisition and sale of companies and participations in companies operating in a wide variety of fields such as the energy sector, mineral resources, banking, construction and others.

We have provided legal advice and services on Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Value added tax (VAT), Custom taxes, Capital gains Tax(CGT), Stamp Duty, Excise Duty, Tax Planning and Compliance, Tax due diligence, Local Service Tax (LST) Social Security Compliance, International Taxation , Tax Disputes and General tax.

Our capital markets expertise covers Equity and debt markets, Structured Finance Transaction, Regulatory Compliance, Capital markets mergers and acquisitions, Advising listed companies on disclosure obligations

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