The Litigation team renders services in arbitration claims of any nature and in court cases, representing national and foreigners in areas regarding commercial law, tax law, public law and criminal law.

Our law firm recognizes the costs and time associated with litigation. We evaluate the facts of every case with our clients and advise on our clients’ legal rights and obligations.  We provide our clients with honest and practical legal advise and solutions to the disputes at hand. As much as possible, disputes are settled out of court. Where necessary, we advise our client to litigate.

Our law firm is equipped with the team of litigation attorneys who frequently appear in all courts of judicature to prosecute or defend cases. In addition to commercial disputes, the following areas of law are litigated on; Defamation, Negligence, Product liability, Local government law and Breach of contract.

Newmark Advocates is a full service Law Firm . Feel free to schedule a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.